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ગુણવત્તા અમારા લોહિમાં છે,            સર્વિસ અમારા મનમાં છે,           ગ્રાહક નો સંતોષ અમારા દિલમાં છે.

DONGA Watertech Private Ltd. is one of the leading Micro Irrigation System Manufacturer in India. DONGA Watertech Private Ltd. was established in 2011. The Company is situated in the Sanand basin of Gujarat at Village Eyawa on Highway Sanand to Viramgam. Our infrastructure includes 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Our Manufacturing plant is consisting of latest Hightech Machinery and equipments. A separate quality control department and a testing laboratory are established to ensure quality products.

We are engaged in Manufacturing all range of Emitting Pipes, Laterals, Sprinkler and HDPE Pipes and Supplying tailor Made system Drip Irrigation System, Mini Sprinkler System and Sprinklers. Our product range includes Gravel filters, Disc Filters, Hydro cyclone Filters , Fertilizer Tank , Ventury , Control Valves, P.P. Ball Valves, Air Valves, PVC Pipes and Accessories.

Having wide and long experience in almost two decades in the field of Irrigation and Agriculture , DONGA Watertech Private Ltd. Will develop the further in the field of water technology, irrigation related solutions in Agriculture & other fields like Protected Cultivation, Crop Management Technologies.

Benefits Of Drip Irrigation
Inncrease The Yield
Improve In Quality
Early Maturity
Water Saving
Fertilizer Saving
Increase Fertilizer Efficiency
Energy Saving
Labour Saving
Marginal Lands can be Irrigated
Use of Saline Water is possible for Irrigation
Reduce Weed Growth
Less Problem of Disease and Pest
Makes Intercultural Operation Easy
Adjustment in PH can possible
Night Irrigation is Possible without hurdle
Facts About Micro Irrigation
Drip Irrigation is the System to supply water with fertilizer directly to the root zone of plant when ever require in required quantity.
Micro irrigation is a low pressure, low volume irrigation system suitable for high-return value crops such as fruit and vegetable crops.
If managed properly, micro irrigation can increase yields and decrease water, fertilizer and labor requirements.
Micro irrigation applies the water only to the plant's root zone and saves water because of the high application efficiency and high water distribution uniformity.
Micro irrigation can irrigate sloppy or irregularly-shaped land areas that cannot be flood irrigated easily.
Recommended Water-soluble fertilizer may be injected through a micro irrigation system.
Our Services
"We are engaged in Providing Trailer Made Micro Irrigation System and Innovative Irrigation Solution to the Indian Farmers. Customer Service is alwasy in focus.
"We provided quality and innovative product like, Filters, Fertigation systems, Emmitting pipe, HDPE Pipe, Sprinklers, PVC Pipe and Green House Irrigation Products."
"Welcome to Donga Watertech a Micro Irrigation Manufacturer established by an Experienced Agricultural Engineer and it is Self-made Company established in short span of period."
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