Company Philosophy & Values


Zealously strive towards achieving economic prosperity of our customers and nation by undertaking businesses solutions.


To be the pioneer business enterprise of all future technologies for a vibrant tomorrow.

Values at Donga Watertech

We have been practicing a code of conduct for the best ethical standards in the industries. We believe in inculcating a deep rooted Indian practice of respecting our stakeholders which is our partners, suppliers, employees and our customers. We honor our commitments and promise on only what we can deliver. Failure doesn’t back us down we embrace our mistakes and move forward to rectify them with greater efforts.We understand our employees and our partners. We are an effort driven company and would work to achieve mutual benefit with our customers being the focal point of our goals. We have been complying with all required state and central laws and regulations to run the enterprise. With least rate of defective products we do have a replacement policy for inferior products sold. Quality at pace is what company works on so that millions of lives can be touched annually.

Donga Philosophy

Businesses are built on the efforts of not just its promoters but with the aid and support of communities, employees and the government. The corporate leaders exist because their supporters harness faith and loyalty. It becomes a duty for these leaders to show its followers the path of integrity. Solving social and environmental issues would help in achieving a universal fraternity. The culture at Donga Watertech flows from the traditional customs of India which is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which is the world is one family.

It is our firm belief that small voluntary contributions and donations in any form could make a huge impact on our lives. At Donga Watertech we believe in a sustainable development of the community and the nation. The company considers the CSR activity to be its ‘dharma’ a moral duty being an important stakeholder in the ‘vikas’ of India. The company’s beliefs and philosophy stems from its founder Mr. Rakesh Donga who has endeavored most of his life understanding farmer’s dilemmas practicing agriculture. His experience of encountering more farmlands then houses has helped the company understand the concept of providing flexible products suiting the conditions adaptable in Indian farmlands. Hence the company engages in businesses only after a close deliberation and scrutiny by management which can have material impact on lives of millions of individuals efficiently.

The company believes in empowering the future generation through contributing to the noble cause of their human resource development which is achieved through education. The local community must reap the benefits of the fruit of the enterprise in their vicinity. And at Donga, we prefer the development of nearby villages and towns. The company has actively participated in undertaking the development of the public educational institution and public places. Creating a vibrant infrastructure for the children would help them in academic excellence. The company has been regularly been contributing to the education cause of the local municipal school of Eyava village.