Our Quality

Standards & Quality

In the quest to constantly evolve with the rapidly changing landscape of the water technology especially the micro-irrigation industry the company has been investing in innovation and quality standard processes to build strong lines of reliable products. The company devices manufacturing processes which require close monitoring of the products to maintain high standards of quality in terms of durability. All the products have been approved and certified by the highest certification degrees approved by the required regulators. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2005 which is the approved and acclaimed award of quality. All the important products of the company have been certified Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) a nodal agency of the government of India by awarding ISI certificates.

At Donga the best quality of the virgin polymers are used to produce strong plastic material for the pipes

List of BIS approved products:-

HDPE Pipes IS: 4984:2016
Emitting Pipes IS: 13488
Plain Lateral IS: 12786
Sprinkler Pipes ISL:14151
PVC Pipes IS: 4985:2000

Donga has dedicated integrated quality control and R&D laboratory which provides with all requisite instruments and apparatus.

Research & Development (R&D)

Donga’s in house developed and designed product. It is essentially an aesthetically designed product for commercial space gardens and green covers even residential projects. It is a highly durable and efficient product which enhances the features of a commercial real estate.